Everyday I face it, the knowing that people don’t see what I see. They stick to their naïve judgements and stay comfortable with the way things once were.

The comments that make my body cringe with unease, and bring out the anger I try so hard to conceal. Understanding a new way of life is hard, I get it. But still you sit there on your high perch, judging everything I do? Look down, because that perch youre on is nothing but a heaping pile of bullshit.

Do you not get it? Do you not see that the things you think, the beliefs you follow, are nothing but the insecurties of history. Then they were scared, they were afraid of the unknown. Open your fucking eyes! We are all the same, we all have a mind, a body, a soul. Well, most of us have souls. But some of you have misplaced yours.

Ask yourself this, would you judge your own mother if her hair color was different? Connect the dots. Stop living in a world inside your head where inequality is king. Learn from the past and move forward.

I walk down the street, scowls are abundant. I try to obscure the view I see, try to compress my anger into a tiny ball of pity. Why should I be mad, when all I really feel for you is shame.

You will never know how amazing life is when you open your mind and leave predjudices in the dust. Living without hatred is the best feeling one could ever have, and you, you with your negativity and disgust will never feel such unadulterated joy.

Continue living in your narrow-mindedness, but what are you going to say when you stand in front of God, who in your words created this whole world, and struggle for the words that fail to come out. Struggle to find an explanation why you were so resistant to create an equal world? Keep looking down on others, but one day I hope you will turn around and see the world for what it really is.

Until that day comes, I loudly call out to you BULLSHIT.